LFG established its Special Opportunities strategy in 2015 to invest in high-quality businesses that may not suit a traditional private equity mandate. The dedicated Special Opportunities advisory team works in close partnership with LFG's country and sector teams to identify investment opportunities.

The strategy has a core focus on corporate private equity investments with a lower risk profile, primarily in Europe, as well as the opportunity to partner with founding families or foundations looking for a long-term partner. The enterprise values of the companies in which the Specialc Opportunities strategy invests are typically between in the mid-market range, with a longer holding period of around five to 10 years.

High-Quality, Stable Businesses with Longer Holding Period

LFG Special Opportunities seeks control, co-control or minority influence opportunities in businesses that have the following qualities:

• High quality, cash generative and stable businesses and/or assets with safe capital structures
• Operating in low-volatility sectors and environments
• Providing essential goods or services to non-cyclical sectors
• Offering longer-term opportunities for strategic development